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Minimal Touch Solutions to Build Pallet, Layer and Case Orders Efficiently

The need for "store-friendly and aisle-ready" deliveries, reverse route sequence truck loading, worker ergonomics/safety, additional space, and the growing number of stock keeping units is creating demand for increased productivity, and efficiency in food and beverage distribution centres.

Dematic Approach

Dematic provides warehouse logistics solutions for food/beverage producers and distributors, ranging from regional institutional food and beverage distributors to large international food producers. These solutions are engineered to accommodate the specific distribution requirements of items sold in a grocery store, convenience store, restaurant, hotel, school, etc. While most of the inventory is considered dry goods, Dematic solutions accommodate fresh and frozen products by operating in temperature controlled environments. These intra-logistics systems often accommodate strategies for order assembly by store planogram, peaks/valleys in order volume, controlled access to inventory, product tracking, order/inventory accuracy, and first-expired, first-out processing. Typical solutions are designed to optimise the processes involved with receiving, storage, put-away, replenishment, case and piece picking, consolidation, order packing, and truck loading, along with the ability to handle a variety of load types: cartons, trays, totes, and pallets. 

Dematic brings a non-biased, activity based, industrial engineering approach to the development of each food and beverage distribution system. Dematic has the process improvement engineering experience and expertise to design high performance solutions, with hundreds of successful order fulfilment implementations operating across the world that support food/beverage production and distribution. At the core of each solution is the innovative system design, along with the strategic management software that provides real time control, visibility and operational insight. 

Systems may be comprised of a single solution such as case picking, or they may include all the operational functions from receiving to shipping. Dematic engineers each system as a modular, flexible, scalable solution to accommodate changing activity profiles, average to peak capacity and future growth. Dematic guarantees successful system performance while creating a strong ROI

  • Reduce warehouse space requirements, fulfilment time, and labour 
  • Optimise material and information flow, processes, activities 
  • Increase throughput, accuracy and ergonomics

Food & Beverage Supply Chain Trends

  • SKU proliferation, ethnicity, healthy sizing
  • Longer shelf life
  • FSMA Food Safety Modernization Act for traceability and quick recall
  • Younger generation’s passion for food (convenience, where it came from, sustainability, ecology)
  • Mixing or blending centres are being discussed to optimize transportation and delivery
  • Moving from full pallet picking to handling cases and eaches for order fulfilment

Economic Drivers

  • Customers (Retailers) are demanding more “order ready” pallet deliveries
  • Multiple formats – large retail stores, small stores, eCommerce, home delivery
  • Smaller, more frequent orders requiring daily delivery
  • Fuel costs volatility – companies need better trailer/order cube utilisation
  • Increasing costs (raw materials, packaging, traceability, bio-terrorism, older equipment and infrastructure)
  • Driver availability
  • HOS – hours of service allowed to drive

Typical Solutions

Food Solutions

Food - Building Pallet and Case Orders for Your Operation

Finding success in the Food market may sometimes feel like putting together a jigsaw puzzle with an ever changing set of pieces. Whatever your sub-market, the Dematic solution helps you identify and track those pieces so you can concentrate on solving the puzzle.

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Beverage Solutions

Beverage - Managing Variations, Improving Efficiency

You need to be prepared for this reality to deliver more quickly and with greater flexibility or risk losing market share. In a market as dynamic as Beverage, the Dematic approach is the one that can guarantee solution success.

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Automation Solutions for Seven Key Challenges in the Food & Beverage Industry

This white paper looks in detail at the trends and drivers facing F&B manufacturers and distributors, and how the latest automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) and other automation cost-effectively address the challenges these trends pose.

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Typical Solutions

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Dematic Software

Dematic Software is a knowledge-based logistics platform that provides information needed to swiftly adapt and optimize supply chain fulfillment operations on a real-time basis, whether on-site or remote.

Using advanced analytics, Dematic Software derives more value from warehouse and enterprise data by collecting and delivering it in real-time via intuitive dashboards on desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

Tropical Cheese Industries

The software-directed order fulfillment system brings increased productivity and order accuracy to the case pick, palletise, and load process.

Leading producer and distributor of Latino-targeted dairy products

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