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Voice & Light Systems

Voice, Lights, Carts, and Vehicles

Voice-directed picking, Pick and Put-to-Light (PTL) systems, custom-designed picking carts and trolleys to suit various applications, and the design and implementation of customised Put Wall systems are just some of the tools Dematic can help customers implement to improve order fulfilment productivity and throughput.

Dematic's expertise in optimising order fulfilment across an extensive range of applications and industries has helped numerous customers around the world to see picking not as cost factor, but as a source of competitive advantage with high savings potential.

With years of experience, Dematic’s supply chain logistics experts can help you develop faster, more accurate and cost-efficient order fulfilment strategies for different products and order profiles, reducing your order processing transaction costs and giving you a competitive advantage with a rapid return on investment.

Our comprehensive portfolio of new generation picking technologies and sophisticated order management and processing software provides an extensive range of cost effective solutions for both fully automated distribution centers and manual warehouses.

Benefits of Dematic’s advanced picking technologies and solutions include:

  • Improved order accuracy
  • Faster order fulfilment
  • Increased labour productivity
  • Improved customer service
  • Enhanced workplace safety
Voice Technology for Multiple Applications

Voice Technology for Multiple Applications

Many distribution centers (DCs) are looking to increase performance across their entire operations with Voice technology. Expanding Voice in the warehouse makes practical sense — the real-time information that the technology provides has benefits for every corner of a facility.