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Storage & Buffering Systems

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems - Buffering - Racking & Shelving

Dematic offers a complete range of storage and buffering solutions from racks and shelving to a diverse selection of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS). Capable of handling pallets, totes, trays, bins and cartons, Dematic storage and buffering solutions are available in single or multiple-depth storage.

Dematic storage systems range from simple racking and shelving solutions, through to integrated pick modules and fully automated high-rise pallet and case storage, retrieval and picking systems.



Dematic Expands Solution Portfolio to Optimize Omni-Channel Fulfilment


RapidStore ASRS

Highly Dynamic, Energy-Efficient Storage and Retrieval System

Goods-to-Person Solution

Automated Inventory Management with Integrated Goods-to-Person Picking