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Value Added Packing

A Valuable Opportunity to Build Brand and Customer Loyalty

The rapid growth of eCommerce means competitors are everywhere, 24 hours a day, every day. This growth, together with the high value placed on service levels as a competitive differentiator, adds further complexity to the challenges of order fulfilment.

With service level expectations rising, consumers are becoming demanding to the point that in some highly competitive sectors – such as home entertainment, IT, fashion, sportswear and equipment, gourmet foods, wine and liquor – it’s no longer enough to put the product in a plain corrugated box and ship it to the customer on time. The business must do more to delight and keep the customer. 

Value-added packing presents a valuable opportunity to build brand and customer loyalty and increases the likelihood of repeat business. Examples of value-added packing include premium packaging and the insertion into the package of marketing materials like catalogs, promotional offers, discount vouchers for future sales, special tags, customised labels, gifts, product samples and thank you cards. 

Dematic has extensive experience in designing and configuring ergonomic value-added packing workstations across a wide range of industry and market sectors. Let us help you build your brand and customer base with our value-added packing systems. 

Integration options include automated carton formers, lidding systems, invoice, shipping manifest, and consignment note printers, void fill and carton sealing systems, address label printing, carton strapping and inline check weighing systems. 

Key business benefits include: 

  • Increased productivity
  • Customised order fulfilment
  • Improved order accuracy
  • Reduced product damage in transit
  • Lower level of returns
  • Enhanced customer service

Dematic iQ Performance Optimising Software

Based on Dematic’s extensive industry experience and technical leadership, Dematic iQ provides the comprehensive insight and ongoing resource optimisation you need to ship packages out the door accurately, on time and at the lowest cost.

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Typical Solutions

Foodstuffs Supermarkets

“The Dematic automated picking system has more than doubled productivity with operators capable of picking over 1,000 items per hour.”

General Manager, Operations
Foodstuffs Supermarkets

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