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Pallet/Unit Load Picking

Fast, Accurate and Efficient Retrieval and Delivery of Pallets

High productivity pallet/unit load picking involves fast, accurate and efficient retrieval and delivery of pallets from space-efficient storage systems to shipping or other areas of the warehouse. 

Forklifts may be the most cost-effective solution in many applications. However, where labour and/or space are at a premium, automated solutions become increasingly cost-effective. 

The latest developments in Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) – driven by modular design and reduced sub-component costs – enable users to increase productivity, reduce costs, improve capacity and maximise service levels, flexibility and operational resilience in manufacturing and distribution applications.

Ideal for storing pallets of raw materials and finished goods, unit load ASRS solutions deliver a compact building footprint – requiring up to 60% less space compared to conventional pallet storage. This can make it feasible for manufacturers to build finished goods DCs adjacent to their manufacturing plants, even where land is limited. 

ASRS is also a very cost-effective solution for conventional warehouses that are running out of space. Replacing conventional pallet racking with ASRS significantly increases pallet storage capacity extending the life of the existing building, and eliminates the need, costs and disruption associated with constructing a new facility or relocating. 

ASRS and AGVs are also used for staging of orders prior to shipping and typically provide productivity gains of up to 20% - 30% compared to conventional pallet handling methods.

Dematic Automated Pallet Picking benefits include: 

  • Fully automated storage and retrieval, and product tracking 
  • Improved storage capacity within a reduced footprint
  • Improved energy efficiency, especially in chiller and freezer environments
  • Single, double-deep, and satellite storage configurations for improved storage density
  • Latest integrated control technologies

Case Pick to Pallet Solutions

Case Pick to Pallet

The Case Pick to Pallet System uses configurable software that can be tailored to accommodate the process variations of each case pick operation. Associates use pallet trucks or fork trucks for travel to the pick locations.

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Typical Solutions


“Special features are the high dynamics in picking fresh products and providing store friendly order assembly.”

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