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Dematic Logistics Review is Dematic's global magazine featuring news and stories about cutting-edge logistics solutions for the warehouse, factory, and distribution centre.

Dematic Logistics Review
(Issue 11, 2017)

  • Case Study: Amway, USA
  • Case Study: Piraquê, Brazil
  • Insight: Robotic Picking
  • Case Study: UNILAB, Philippines
  • Case Study: Shimano, Australia
  • Case Study: Coop, Denmark
  • Technology: Jiajiayue Group, China

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Dematic Logistics Review Issue 10

Dematic Logistics Review
(Issue 10, 2015)

  • Cover Story: First Wise Media, Germany
  • Case Study: Polaris, USA
  • Insight: Food & Beverage Supply Chain Logistics
  • Case Study: Coop, Switzerland
  • Case Study: Blackwoods, Australia
  • Case Study: Heilan Home, China
  • Technology: Modular Goods-to-Person (GTP)

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Dematic Logistics Review 9

Dematic Logistics Review
(Issue 9, 2014)

  • Cover Story: Netto, Denmark
  • Case Study: Helukabel, Germany
  • Case Study: Weichai Power, China
  • Insight: The role of R&D in optimising systems
  • Case Study: Ostermann, Germany
  • Case Study: Kmart, Australia
  • Technology: Voice for Beverage Distribution

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Dematic Logistics Review 8

Dematic Logistics Review
(Issue 8, 2013)

  • Cover Story: Mammut, Germany
  • Case Study: Benco Dental, USA 
  • Insight: North American Supply Chains
  • Case Study: Pacific Brands, Australia 
  • Case Study: Osem Investments, Israel 
  • Case Study: Dairy Farm, Singapore 
  • Case Study: Lewis Bear, USA 
  • Technology: Conveyor Sorting Systems

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Dematic Logistics Review 7

Dematic Logistics Review
(Issue 7, 2013)

  • Cover Story: BIG W, Australia 
  • Technology: RapidStore Unit Load & Mini Load 
  • Technology: Dematic Multishuttle 2 
  • Case Study: OWC, USA 
  • Case Study:, United Kingdom 
  • Case Study: Lotte Mart, Korea 
  • Case Study: Miratorg, Russia 
  • Case Study: Fairrington, USA

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Dematic Logistics Review 6

Dematic Logistics Review
(Issue 6, 2012)

  • Cover Story: Cost Plus World Market, USA 
  • Case Study: Malaysian Mosaics, Malaysia 
  • Case Study: Bigler AG, Switzerland 
  • Technology: Dematic Multishuttle® 
  • Case Study: Wondersun, China 
  • Case Study:, USA 
  • Case Study: Erhardt & Fischer, Germany 
  • Technology: Sustainable logistics technologies

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Dematic Logistics Review 5

Dematic Logistics Review
(Issue 5, 2012)

  • Cover Story: Nestlé, Australia 
  • Case Study: Alloga Burgdorf, Switzerland 
  • Delivering Service Effectiveness 
  • Case Study: JCPenney, USA 
  • Case Study: Bosch Rexroth, Germany 
  • Case Study: Suncoast, USA 
  • Case Study: Macquarie University, Australia 
  • News, Product, Technology & Software

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Dematic Logistics Review 4

Dematic Logistics Review
(Issue 4, 2011)

  • Cover Story: NCPC, China 
  • Technology Feature: RapidPick System 
  • Case Study: Siemens, Germany 
  • Case Study: Bare Escentuals, USA 
  • Case Study: Blackmores, Australia 
  • Case Study: Halfords, UK 
  • Case Study: D&H Distributing, USA 
  • CeMAT 2011 Review 
  • News, Product, Technology & Software

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Dematic Logistics Review 3

Dematic Logistics Review
(Issue 3, 2011)

  • Cover Story: BINA, Switzerland 
  • Case Study: Woolworths, Australia 
  • 10 Strategies for Distribution Logistics Success 
  • Case Study: Tesco Lotus, Thailand 
  • Case Study: Southern Wine & Spirits, USA 
  • Case Study: Chain Reaction Cycles, UK 
  • HK Systems Profile 
  • News, Product, Technology & Software

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Dematic Logistics Review 2

Dematic Logistics Review
(Issue 2, 2010)

  • Cover Story: SFS Unimarket, Switzerland 
  • Cover Story: SAP SubDriver 
  • Technology Feature: Mixed Case Palletising 
  • Case Study: adidas, United Kingdom 
  • Case Study: JST, China 
  • Case Study: Fossil, USA
  • Case Study: Zara, Spain 
  • Case Study: Foodstuffs, New Zealand 
  • News, Product, Technology & Software 
  • Systems Modernisation & Uptime Solutions

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Dematic Logistics Review 1

Dematic Logistics Review
(Issue 1, 2010)

  • Cover Story: Coca-Cola Amatil, Australia 
  • Technology Feature: Goods to Person 
  • Case Study: Ferdinand Gross, Germany 
  • Case Study: Next, United Kingdom 
  • Case Study:, USA 
  • Case Study: Elgiganten, Sweden 
  • Case Study: Leche Pascual, Spain 
  • Case Study: Zuellig Pharma, Malaysia 
  • Product, Technology & Software Review

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