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Working Closely with Leading Industry Associations 

Dematic works closely with the leading industry associations responsible for logistics and the supply chain in many parts of the world. The following are just some our key industry association partners.

Asia-Pacific Regio​n

  • The Refrigerated Warehouse & Transport Association of Australia Limited (RWTA)
  • Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia (ASCLA)
  • Logistics Association of Australia (ASCLA)
  • The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport Australia
  • The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport New Zealand​​​


  • European Federation of Materials Handling and Storage Equipment (FEM)
  • Bundesvereinigung Logistik e.V. (BVL)
  • Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V. (VDMA)


  • Construction Infrastructure Sidérurgie et Manutention (CISMA)
  • French Association of Supply Chain and Logistics) (ASLOG)


  • Italian Association of Logistics, General warehouses and refrigerators, Port Terminal Operators, Interport and Airports (ASSOLOGISTICA)
  • Italian Association of Logistics and Supply Chain Management (AILOG)
  • Italian Association of Companies and Operators of Automatic Identification (AIM)

Latin America

  • Brazilian Association of Machines and Equipment Industry​ (ABIMAQ)
  • Brazilian Association of Ecommerce (ABCOMM​)


  • Association of Manufacturers and Distributors (AECOC)
  • Association Refrigerated Warehouse, Logistics and Distribution (ALDEFE)
  • Centro Español de Logística (CEL)
  • Logistics Association and Logistics trainings (ICIL)

UK and Northern Europe

  • Automated Material Handling Systems Association Ltd (AMHSA)
  • Dansk Indkøbs- og Logistik Forum (DILF - Denmark)
  • The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT)
  • Lifting Equipment Engineers Association​ (LEE)
  • United Kingdom Warehousing Association​ (UKWA)

United States

  • International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses (IARW)
  • The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (PMMI)
  • Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA)
  • National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA)
  • National Retail Federation (NRF)
  • Material Handling Distributors Association (MHEDA)​

University of Chicago

“Access to document materials drives their use. The Dematic system allows us to keep all documents in the library instead of going off-site. If you actually know how library research is done, you realise that off-site storage is very undesirable.”

Chair of University of Chicago’s Library Board

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